[Solved] Pro or Indie account of Gdevelop

I just saw a post about a contest where you can win a pro or indie GDevelop account.
Is this true? I understand that GDevelop is totally free without any limitations or accounts.

Just to clarify, you can export infinity times for free. The subscription is for the online autocompiling service. You can export locally to html 5 which doesn’t need compilation, or export to a local folder and compile manually. The instructions on compiling are in the wiki too

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If this can help you, all informations in this table are in GDevelop:
File > My Profile > Upgrade/change

In this table, you see only one type of export.
All types are described below:

You have two types of export in GD5.

  • The first one uses an online service to build your game.
  • The second one exports the files to your computer.

The first one (online):

  • Android (& iOS coming soon)
  • Web (upload online)
  • Windows/macOS/Linux

These three export modes use a server to create the executable file of your game. You get 2 free exports per 24 hours.

The second type are local exports:

  • Local folder
  • Facebook Instant Games
  • iOS & Android (manual)
  • Windows/MacOS/Linux (manual)

These exports do not use the online server, the files are exported to a local folder on your computer, and it’s up to you to create the executable file by following the tutorials.

For the first three online exports, the server has a cost, that’s why you can support the software by picking a subscription that will allow you to have more than 2 online exports per day.

The benefits of having a subscription:

  • The online build limit is increased from 2 to 10 with an Indie subscription, or from 2 to 70 with a Pro subscription.
  • Hide the GDevelop logo when loading the game.
  • Not having the “subscribe please” message when using the debugger and the network preview (the free plan still allows you to close the message and use the feature).