[Solved] Problems with the scene sequence in the game

I’m having trouble following scenes in my game when I’m in scene 1 to move to Sena number 2, he jumps and goes to Sena number 5 or another random scene can someone help me with this and also help me with how I can organize the scenes in time to open the game so that the end does not appear in the beginning ???
I can send a photo if you want



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Hello thanks but doesnt work for me i’ll send the Photos to explain my problems

My problem it’s like when i on scene 1 and touch to Go to scene 2 he jumps tô scene 4 or anywhere

Do you use a touch button to change?
Then the action “De/activate moving the mouse cursor with touches” could help.

Can you include a screenshot with the events that change the scene, for each scene? Also, are the buttons to change scenes are at the same position in each scene, and how you handle the tap/mousedown.

Hello i sulved the problem with a condition it’s good now but o have a question How i van put music in my game ?Like 1 music tô scene 1,2,3…
The sane music to ALL scene ??

Hi hello thanks for you help i finish the game now thank you