[Solved] Read instance variable string

I have a button with the object-string-variable content test1.
On mouseover I want to display the text in a text-object. but it only works with numbers. With text it is always 0. Even if there is only one instance.
I’m pretty sure it worked a few months ago.

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Just to 100% confirm, have you tried langList.VariableString(id)?

Because doing object.Variable() is for number variables only.

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I thought I tried it two days ago, but it’s working now, thanks.
If the expression editor can’t see what variable type it is, maybe it should use object.VariableString() instead of ToString(object.Variable()). This can also handle Number variables. I don’t know what exactly the change was, but if the editor generates non working expressions, its’ not good.

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Yes, I confirm the editor generates wrong expression.

I posted about it here: