[SOLVED]Repeat actions for pulsing button

I want to create a pulsing button without the use of animation. I want to use tween behavior and scale action for button to simulate the pulsing.
how can I repeat the scaling action or make a pulsing button?
Is it possible to scale up the object in the piskel tools?

here is my structure of actions

Hi look here maybe helps

Thanks, but he only changes the scale with actions. I want to change the scale automatically and without any action happens. Also, I want the action repeat until the end of the scene.

In that case just use an animation make the button default size and another animation of the button bigger then on hover or touch change the animation to bigger.

If you try to do it with tweens you need to start scaleUp/ scaleDown tween then add an event to check if tween scaleUp /scaleDown finished then start scaleDown and vice versa.

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I don’t think you can queue tweens like in the second event. The second tween one will overwrite the first one. If you don’t want to use an animation, and you don’t want it without any actions, then your only choice, as I see it, is to create a behaviour (yeah, it contains actions, but they’ll be hidden from the main code) made up of a few events that do the tweening.

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Thanks. It’s working now
Here is the solution

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