[SOLVED] Scene fade in and out using tweens and scene variable

So I saw somewhere that you can create a transition between fading between scenes using tweens and scene variables, I feel like I’m doing something wrong and I need help. Here’s what my events look like:

Think this is fixable? :sweat_smile:

First off, your first event is unconditional. So it gets run all the time. Your first event should have an At the beginning of the scene condition.

Secondly, if you create a tween for the same thing (in this case opacity changes), delete the previous one before creating a new one.

Thirdly, you are changing the scene as soon as the left mouse button is released. Do it once teh fade has occurred. I’d suggest implementing something like :

i’ve tried copying the code in the image you sent me exactly, still the transition is still not happening. did i miss anything?

Yes. You used the fadetransition instead of showfade :


I got it now, thank you so much for your help!! :smile: