(Solved) Transitions when switching scenes

Hello, Can someone please teach me how to add some scene transitions?

To be more specific, I wanted to make a black fade transition when switching from one scene to another, does someone know how to make one?

I just started a few days ago so i’m practically a noob hahaha please don’t judge me:>

Hi, there are a lot discussions and solutions for scene transitions in the forum. Here is one thread that may be interesting for you [SOLVED] Scene fade in and out using tweens and scene variable

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hii thankyouu for this information, really helped me a lot

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another one problem though is when i touch the buttons from the first scene, it will immediately touch the buttons from the second scene

to be more clear, I have two scenes which both have some buttons, those two buttons are perfectly aligned to each other from different scenes. When I click the button from the first scene, the button from the second scene will also be clicked without me touching the button from the second scene

do you know this type of problem and how to solve this issue?

Do you use the Button (panel sprite)-object? If so there is a “de/activate interactions” - action. You could have the buttons deactivated at the beginning of the scene and activate them after some time has passed using a timer (maybe the delay-action is working here too) or after some interaction of the player.

It is set as a normal sprite

if not too much to ask, I am having difficulty, can you do it and send me a photo screenshot and i’ll use it as references

Okay, if you have a normal sprite you could use a boolean variable to de/activate your buttons. You could try something like this:

At the beginning of the scene the boolean variable button_active is set to false and a scene timer is initiated. After 0.5 seconds the boolean is set to true and the timer is deleted. In the next event the true-state of the boolean variable is the basic condition for all interactions with the buttons.

I followed everything, I even set the timer to 1 but still it is not working, did I do something wrong?

I have added a pause timer event before deleting it. This should actually work now:

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hii drona. sorry for late replies but thankyouuu<//3 it’s working now waaa thankyouuu<//3😙

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