Solved: Tween finished doesn't trigger chains... you need to REMOVE the old tween!

Tween position doesn’t register as having finished playing, other tweens have the same problem.

That, or the “has finished playing” condition itself doesn’t work properly.

This means that tweens affected by this problem cannot be chained directly, you have to use additional checks.

I’m making a sidescrolling space shooter (what else) and for the scrolling I’m doing the following:

-Move an arbitrary object (Camera_Dolly) around using tweens
-Have a second object (Camera_Arm) right in between the player and the Camera_Dolly (its X and Y are the averages of the X and Y of the other objects)
-Center the camera on (Camera_Arm), that way the camera follows both the player and a predefined path.

I can work around the problem with position checks (for some reason timer checks don’t cut it), but really, there’s something going on with tweens having actually finished playing vs. the engine actually being able to tell that htey have.

Same issue regarding the transparency tween:

Same issue regarding the X position tween:

(everything disabled is some way it doesn’t work)

Looking at your screenshot, before triggering the second tween, you need to add a condition to check if the first one finished, and remove it.


Wait… The tweens need to be removed too?

D’OH !

I feel so stupid. I didn’t notice the remove instruction in the wiki screenshot

You’re right that after so much copypasting and disabling there IS NOT a version with a “tween finished playing”, but on its own doesn’t do it, I tried alreadty.

In my opinion this merits a warning on the documentation because the two “remove tween” instructions are frankly hard to miss.


Edit: In fact, I just put a warning about it in the wiki.

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what am i missing?
this does not work
this does not work

adding “for each” also doesnt change anything

nvm i found the troublemaker.