Tween Opacity for groups not triggering a finish state


I have ran into another possible bug, this time with using a tween + global group. I have some very simple logic that when a tween is finished it will change the opacity of a text object.

However it seems the condition is not registering that the tween has ended for the group resulting in it not firing.
If I change the condition to “is playing” it works fine (albeit loading instantly and not after the tween has finished).

Doing a basic check on the groups opacity does work (shown below), however I’d rather use the tween over creating variable checks for each tween.


You’re missing a “remove tween” instruction to get rid of the previous tween before starting the new one, see this thread:

It’s fine to delete the tween when this one is finish but the condition for check if the tween is over should trigger the action.

The wiki page has been updated for use the workaround, but if we can avoid this strange behavior it will be easier and logic to use.