Some ideas for

I was playing some games on and thought that with some of these features it would be really great for developers. For me should have more customization in the personal pages of the authors just like:

  1. Insert a profile picture;
  2. Put a cover photo for your personal page;
  3. A section where you can insert all the various social networks of the author with the various icons of the linked social network;
  4. A section for donations;
  5. A section that says “Ask me something”
  6. A follow button and a bell that warns when the author publishes something or updates a game (Like the one on Youtube for instance);
  7. A personal bulletin board where he can write the latest updates of his games, where he can ask for feedback on something or tell his ideas to his audience where users can comment;
  8. The ability to comment under other people’s games to share their experiences about the game (with the personal option whether to decide to enable comments or not);
  9. A search Bar in the homepage of