Somthing with light

it would be nice to be able to check if in collision with light or not(I know you can just do collision Object1 with LightObject1) but it doesn’t check if you are in collision with the actual “light beams”

I think that’s been asked for a few times, hopefully the GDevelop developers are giving it some attention and able do something.

In the mean time, if you are after a way to achieve this, you can check the suggestions in this link or, alternatively, use the idea behind this method of creating a light.

ooh i didnt know it was asked I did see it asked somewhere but it wasn’t done right and the person who answered it thought he meant something else so I decided to ask mainly cuz it would be really nice to have and well I could use it in the future lol, also I know raycasting could do it, I was just wondering if in the future a “easier” way to do it would be a thing(cuz well mainly for people who don’t understand it(i understand it enough to where i think i can do it i think)

Yep, and with more people asking it will hopefully go higher up on the to-do list

And if you find yourself stuck, just ask in the forum :slight_smile:

  1. that would be nice
  2. i will(I mainly ask on discord but if I don’t get answer and cant figure it out ill ask on here)