Sound to level starts with static

The sound to my level starts with a static pop, before it begins playing the track. I’ve checked the music file and there is no static present. When Gdevelop loads the scene, the static is there. Any ideas why? Thanks. It is a wav file.

Have you tried this?

The first time music or sound is played, there can be a lag while the audio file is being prepared. If it’s essential to avoid any lag, you can play the audio or music file at the beginning of the scene where it’s used. Set the initial volume 0; this will force the game to load the sound or music. The audio will be cached in memory. It will quickly load when called using your action.

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I believe that’s what I’ve done. See my code here:

Might want to look into this current thread [Fixed at Version 127] Sound Bug since version 107 till 117 - #25 by Omar where a similar issue is being discussed.

Thanks. I read the thread and it looks like I’m having the same issue. Since I am fading my music in and it is starting at a lower volume than 100 the static pop is present. I’ve tried removing the FadeMusic command and setting the volume to 40 and the static pop is still present when the scene starts. I’ve tried preloading the music from the Resource area and it actually makes the problem worse, extenuating the static pop. I’ve even tried converting my wav file to an aac, reducing the file size and it makes no difference. The only fix i’ve found is just starting the music at 100 volume, then the static pop disappears when the scene starts. Preloading music in Resources at 100 volume also seems to have no issues. It looks like Gdevelop has problems loading music at lower volumes on some machines. I have a MacBook Pro late 2013.