Spawn enemy at multiple instances of an object not working?

How do I…

Spawn enemy “mage” at multiple instances of “grave” object whenever the player bullet has damaged a grave it changes the animation from 0 to 1. when the animation is 1 then spawn the enemy at that grave with animation 1.

What is the expected result

the enemy should spawn at any of the graves that are damaged

What is the actual result

the enemy only spawns at the initial grave when damaged and not any other graves even when they have been damaged?

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Hi Puffy :potato:

There’s some info here from Rasterisko that might be helpful about NOT using For each instance together with the trigger once condition.

Also this

If you use the condition “Trigger once” with “Repeat for each instance” the event will be true just only one time. So, if it happens in one instance, it won’t happen in any instances anymore! You need change your events of “Repeat for each instance” removing “trigger once” and putting another condition that makes it true only once.

from I cant find bug in my code (SOLVED) - #6 by Rasterisko


hello bubble, thank you! this SOLVED with the new extension: Only Once Condition For Object and now enemy is spawning on the other graves when damaged and works as it shuold. I recall coming across the same post awhile back about for each and trigger once but had forgot about it or never read pass the subject :open_mouth: