Spritesheet Slicer/Tilemap Feature

I would love to see a feature that allows you to import full sprite sheets and slice them up accordingly for character animations, tile maps, etc. (similar to Unity) and a simile tileset/tilemap that allows you to draw things in/turn tiles into brushes basically.

Hi, probably a lot of people agree with that. It is possible to import and slice spritesheets via piskel: How to Import a Sprite Sheet using Piskel [GDevelop wiki].

For drawing maps with tiles it seems there is no plan to integrate this functionality within the engine as there are quite advanced free tools available. Implementing the support of Ldtk files is currently going on Ldtk file support for tilemaps in Gdevelop by blurymind · Pull Request #2828 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub. You can already use maps created in Tiled but with some limitations Tilemap object [GDevelop wiki].


Thanks for your request! Please ensure you’re following the minimum requirements for feature requests before making a new thread: Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

Both of these requests exist in prior threads so this thread probably shouldn’t have been created. Not a huge issue, but here’s some additional details:

Tilemap editing bundled in the engine is a longterm goal. The hope is to bundle LDtk after the file support and other tilemap items are done: [$225 Bounty] - Integrate/Bundle Level Designer Toolkit (LDtk) into GDevelop as a Tilemap editor · Issue #2991 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub, so this request is active, but there is no timeline at this point.

Spritesheet support is an existing request over on the request roadmap, and there are a few threads already here in the feature request forums. Here’s a link to the item on the trello, if it interest you please vote it up! Trello

As these are existing items, I’m going to lock this thread, but keep an eye out as new features can be picked up by contributors and devs at any point.