Stuck to the Ground

How would I make a character stay on the ground, or “sticky walk”? What I mean is that on a square platform, the character would not fall off, but continuously walk. I know how to rotate the character’s Sprite picture, but not the actually player. Thanks

Here is a discussion about it: [url]Staying on the Down-Low - #8 by wombocombo]
The problem was that the op actually never tried to make it AFAIK, not sure if he was waiting an example/template or it was just very complex, because it’s complex to do, but as I said in the topic a smart use of points can help you :slight_smile:

Thank you! The pictures helped very much. Just one question for clarification. Could I rotate the character about the origin of the platform? I think I may have seen it done before in GDevelop. :smiley:

I put up a crude, but working, example in this thread: