Support for animating sprites on 3D cubes faces

Right now you can billboard 3D cubes, which is cool, but you can’t really add animations to cubes. It’d be super helpful to have something 3D that we can animate too.
Either a way to animate 3D models, which I think was already planned, or a way to make sprites display in 3D would be nice.


I’m sure 3d cube animations are already planned - they’re doing alot of updates right now so I’m sure they’ll have it soon

A billboard sprite is a sprite that always faces the camera. From what you’re described, it sounds like you’re after animating the sprites of the faces on the 3D cube object, or animating the 3D models. I’ve updated the title accordingly.

And the animated 3D objects is under review.

Also u can already change the box animations with events actually. If you do it fine enough you should get what you want

Hey zbotgaming2006

Thank you for your message and welcome to the forum!
As mentioned on the Welcome to the User Feedback channel! topic, you need to explain under which circumstances you’ll be using this requested feature.
Can I ask what is your use case / what are you trying to achieve on your project?


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It would be cool if each 3d faces could have a animated frame section or if one could just input a gif image instead of saving a bunch of frames. As zbotgaming said having billboards is nice but it would be cool if the billboard could animate. Also another use for animating 3d faces are day night cycles. So instead of creating and replacing objects with timers or events, we could just change the frame of the current animation for the 3d cube or object.

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Okay so, sprite objects have an entire animation editor, where you can set the center and origin points, and the colision box of a sprite. 3D boxes do not.
Ive already created a work around with events, and in theory I could set points with variables or whatnot, but when before with a sprite object, I could just select the images and put them in an animation, now I have to specify each image indevidually, mess with some variables, and change the animation through a global variable instead of one clean and simple event.

I’m animating a platformer dude with sprites, I’m doing a Klonoa style game where they follow a path in 3D. I have a butt load of sprites (like over a hundred already) so going through a process for each frame is gonna be very, very time consuming and tedious.

oh also quick edit- I found the billboarded sprites extension too and it was a big help.

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Thank you for your answer!
Don’t forget to link the original message to vote for the feature. :wink:

I know this is a bit late

I was telling the other users that come to the post to like the 1st original message on the topic to vote on the 1st message.

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3D sprites are a thing now! My problem is solved and I am very happy :+1:

Hello, where is this option? Thanks

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Hi! Sorry for not elaborating.
It’s an extension. Search “3D sprite” in the extensions menu to find it!
It you can’t, make sure you have “Community extensions” ticked on the same menu. :smiley:

Thanks, I’ve installed them but it doesn’t add anything to the 3D object…

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It adds a new, custom object. When you create a new object, and it lets you pick types like sprites, tiled sprites, 3D cube, so on, there should be a 3D sprite.

I hadn’t seen the new item! Lol Thanks :wink: