The jerky movement of clouds across the sky in the game

Hello! I’m making clouds move across the sky in the game via Image X Offset. If I set a low speed of movement, the clouds move slowly, but in jerks. Pixel by pixel. How to make the movement of clouds at a low speed smooth, without jerks?

Using position tweens should help with that.

You can use, lerp and calculate the x of the cloud based on the the player speed

Are the clouds a very large file size?

It’s not about size. Apparently the program calculates slow movements in the pixel art game pixel by pixel.

I think GDevelop (or PixiJS) can’t do smooth motion BG at very low resolution.
Maybe this topic will help you:

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Thanks! Now I think I understand what the problem is

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If you manage to solve the problem, please write your solution here.