Tilemap error after update

Before I update Gdev to the latest version everything is fine, after I update it tilemap object only show X.

Any idea to fix this?

Did you use Tiled or LDTK maps?
Can you share your project?

Apparently not only my old project, when I create new project and add tilemap object I also got error.
Btw we only need to add json file of the tilemap and also the atlas image right?
The tutorial from gdev wiki:

New gdev:

What is tilemap file? Its the json exported from tiled right?

So this is weird, the tilemap object show error but when I open another Gdev apps there is no problem, why?

Both are the same project opened in 2 Gdev window(opened at the same time), the left show error the one in the right is fine.

I used Tiled: orthogonal, base64 zlib compressed and didn’t embed the tileset in map.

If you did not embed the tileset in the map, you have to have a tileset json. (This is separate from the map json)

Without embedding the tileset (or providing the tileset json), there’s no data for the tileset to map to.

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When you launch a preview, does it show the map correctly?
Please can you send me the tile map json file and the atlas image? You can daub the image if you want, it’s just to try to reproduce the issue and find a fix.

So it turns out there is only 1 json file in my project folder which is game.json and the other json for the tilemap is gone idk why, luckily I saved the previous version (older version) that is still working and now the problem is solved.
Here is json and atlas image: