Tilemap into engine like other engines



Construct 2

Construct 3

Godot 3


RPG Maker

Pixel Game Maker MV



Please ensure you’re following the rules for the feature request section of the forums before filling out a new thread: Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

As that one explicitly mentions not making duplicate threads and there are a few older Tilemap integration requests, I’m going to close this thread out.

The devs have previously stated that they are unlikely to make their own tilemap editor from scratch, but I am also hopeful for an eventual integrated tilemap editor, so I will mention that there is a dev-approved outstanding bounty to bundle LDTK as a tilemap editor, you can follow along here: [$265 Bounty] - Integrate/Bundle Level Designer Toolkit (LDtk) into GDevelop as a Tilemap editor · Issue #2991 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

If you know anyone who is familiar with React and Javascript, feel free to let them know the bounty is out there.