Tool to draw High res & non-retro sprites

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A drawing app that lets you create high res, and non-retro looking sprites a lot easier.

I know you can upscale your drawings in Piskel, but it makes it a lot harder to make non-retro sprites. I love Retro, but this could open up a window of game opportunities with a unique art style.

Personally, this would be a game changer, but idk, tell me what you think.

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GD itself will not develop a graphics tool.
There were discussions about replacing Piskel with something else, but hm, in my opinion there are so many apps that can be used standalone und free. Personally, I never use the built-in one.

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Hello JuneBugSammy

You might want to check for “open source 2D animation tools” (OpenToonz for example) to help you with that!

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