Could GDevelop Replace Piskel

Edit: topics discussing different softwares to replace Piskel hed been merged with this one.

Ok, I know a lot of people want this. Could GDevelop replace Piskel? It is glitchy on computer, and almost completely incompatible with mobile (You can’t undo, you can’t select…). In all, Piskel is not a very good editor.


Yeah, pixilart would very likely be better. Also not much to do with this, but related. The used sound engine also isn’t very great,


I seen it requested before
BUT i only once seen when some user requested
Let us simply set path to desired program for editing images

I bet it would work only on desktop and not mobile or web
But still a option

Yet idk how much of it is possible

As for your idea
You are aware it is not like we have piksel because we just have it
But because someone would need to sit and code in to gdevelop any other replacement?

It is like there is no video for doing countdown timer where it displays 00:05:20 where : signs blinks

It simply does not exist

Because someone would need to sit and make that kind of video
Same story here

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I really like Piskel and I think it has the “face” of Gdevelop. But as you said it has many glitchs and no longer gets updates. :frowning_face: Using UNDO many times in a row usually crashes the PC and in certain situations does not save over the original file, but creates a new one…

Do you have any suggestions? If I remember well Pixelorama could not replace the Piskel, but I do not remember why. And without a doubt it is a program that consumes a lot of ram memory…

Maybe could Krita be an alternative? It would probably be too big and heavy I think…

Yes, I thought about that. I have used Pixilart in the past, and it was quite nice.

Last post
Wait sorry it is not that post
And i can’t find it but other than DpaintJS
In post i can’t find i seen Silver-Streak suggested few others that could be implemented into gdev
Yet they need to be java based as i remember correctly

But i say DpaintJS would be enough for us

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