Tween Scale not working

I’m trying to scale the size of this progress bar and have it decrease in size at the rate the round lasts But round one is 1x1 seconds, round two is 2x2 (4) seconds round three is 9 seconds and it increases forever.

however the bar decreases in size really fast and then the last 25% go super slow i figured with it being linear it would decrease at a constant rate.

also if I set it to zero it goes to zero instantly. Never had these issues with Tween before…

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Yes tween scale has unfortunately been broken for two months (5.2.178).

Also possible Easing options are no longer suggested.

Should be fixed with a little more patience.


could I just use an older Gdevelop version?

My save is on the cloud
Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Old versions can cause other problems.
I think you can do it with scale width.

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Its hard to get it because i’m bad at math and cant figure out how to make it do the correct speed

The tween scale action works as expected. A scale is a multiplication so it’s interpolated exponentially. For instance when you scale an object from 2 to 8 in 1 second at 0.5 second it is 4 not 5.
So scaling from 1 to nearly 0 would take an infinity of time (or speed) because it follows something like this : 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125… and never reaches 0.

In most cases, the scaling tween should be used around 0.25 and 4 to make a realistic pop out animation.

If you want to just change the dimensions, you should use the width and height actions.

It just scaled the width and shows the error.
The X and Y actions work.
GD 5.3.187

Indeed, as a workaround you can create an empty scene with an empty 3D model object and it will make the action work in the whole game.

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