[UI] Cancel/Close a window with ESC(and other key-shortcuts)

As I am familiarizing myself with GDevelop, I am finding little UI/UX things that can be improved.

  • You should be able to close Edit Objects and Scene Properties window (or any pop up window) by using ESC.
  • While on that topic, Edit Objects and Scene Properties have different buttons (Apply/Cancel vs OK). A single button convention should be used around the program.
  • Outside of the ones in Windows Edit menu I don’t see other keyboard shortcuts. We could definitely use some common shortcuts for Run (Crtl+R?), Show Grid (Crtl+G), Edit Object (Enter when an object is selected). Functions like zoom-in zoom-out (+/-). This kind of thing. (would love keyboard shortcuts to open close all the sliding panels as well, and I believe there is already a request for sliding panels to slide in-out instead of existing on another layer covering other stuff).
  • Oh, just found out that delete works. So, Button labels on top bar (the ones that show after mouse hover) should include a keyboard shortcut when applicable
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I’ll agree with you as I’ve just be searching for the keyboard shortcuts myself.

I would like to use the F-keys to access the different editors and preview as well as closing the preview window by pressing the ESC-key

I think the devs prioritise this feature in their vast to-do list

You can do this easyly add a condition and action for this :wink:

Try wheel on your mouse on scene editor.

The rest needs to be discussed, I’m going to open a map on the roadmap