Using Object Picking Tools...Pick Nth Object

So I am trying to use this to pick a specific instance of an object. However when ever i try and preview my game using this action it doesnt load and gives an error. Its only this action. I can use Pick first instance and all the other ones in the Object Picking Tools.

Anyone know why?

this is the section of event

this is what i get when i hit preview

It crashes for me as well. There seems to be something wrong with the extension. Any action I try after the nth condition or action causes an error.

It stopped working, and there is a whole thread in the forums that chats about if it is really useful and should be kept in the extension, or should be just pulled out.

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So without that, how the heck am I supposed to to grab data from all instances of an object in my scene?

Im just trying to get all the x,y from each instance of an object ill be placing.

Nvm I just figured out how. I can pick all objects of that abject which selects all instances and then pick the instance from those objects based on z order, then i can have a variable that increases by one to use for the zorder and that will run through all the instances on screen.

Thanks boys for your input though

That sounds pretty complex. How are you placing them? And when?