Video plugin?

[Sorry for my bad English]
I am new to GDevelop :smiley:
Should I wait for video plugin? I hope this is in the future plans.
I am developing a clay-animation game, and I want to put cut-scenes :unamused: I think, it’s possible to make a “video” with a sprite (with frames of animations) and sound object. But it will not be very effective…

GDevelop had a video plugin in the past but it was really instable so it has been removed since then.
To be honest, it’s not currently in our plans. :wink:


Hmm, maybe I can play video using Javascript? (HTML5 game) :unamused:

Yes you can but only on Windows and Linux using Firefox, Google Chrome or NW.js.
I couldn’t get it to work on Android using IntelXDK or CocoonJS. and also having trouble with Chromium and IE11.
I don’t know if it works on Mac OS and iOS:

THANK YOU! :mrgreen:

What was unstable video plugin based on? mplayer? ffmpeg? If either, then yes, stability is an issue there. But you could base it on VLC which is very stable (used it quite a much in an app I’ve developed for few schools and never had crash reports related to it) and on top of that, you can play any video format VLC supports.

So, you want us to bundle VLC with GDevelop. That’s quite an huge dependency and doesn’t solve the issue : displaying the video inside the game (OpenGL).

No, only LibVLC which is pretty lightweight. Then you display video inside the game the same way VLC Media Player plays video.