Virtual Joystick

Hi there i am trying to add a virtual 8 way joystick to my project but no luck so far. I have tried several javascript files but had no luck. Does anyone have a draggable virtual joystick with a fixed position example ? Please let me know if you do. Thanks

Hum take a look and search on the forum, i’ve tested several examples posted in the past of virtual joysticks.

I have found 1 virtual joystick on the forum which had a gdg file and js file but never worked other then that i haven’t found another one that why at the last resort i’ve wrote here if you do know a post that i have missed please let me know because when i do search for virtual joystick, pad ectc nothing comes up except that one actually. Anyway thanks for reply.

The time i’ve spent searching on the forum, i didn’t find anything… Could you at least post a link of the example you’ve found, to be sure it’s the one i’ve tested few months ago ?

Hi guys i uploaded my example Joystick today so i hope it can help you :smiley:
[url]My joystick example (WORKING NICE) and easy to do]

Great :slight_smile:

I also found this one on the french of the forum : [url]MANETTE VIRTUELLE (HTML5) - #9 by Freetalent]