What is the event formula for hit-stop?

How do i create hit-stop (when the screen freezes for a second as the players is hit)?

Hi, you could use the ‘change layer time scale’- action, as condition you take the collision. In connection with a timer you can get back to the normal time scale.


Perfect, Thank you Drona! :ok_hand:

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Another solution is to use a timer. For example, you can put all your player controls events under a boolean variable check. Let’s call it “hit”. If hit is false then everything works normally, but if hit is true then the control events don’t execute, so you can’t move the character while hit is true. Everytime the character receive damage is necessary to set hit to true and kickstart a timer. After one second of that timer (or the time you decide) make hit return to false, so the player automatically will regain control over the character.

Even you can use the blink extension to make your character blink during the “hit time”.

I think the problem with using timescale to freeze your character is (depending on the actions you’re using to move other things in the scene) many things in the same layer will also freeze.

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I did this example: Implementing “shock period” after receiving damage

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