When I play a sound when pressing a button that is less than a sec, I get strange sound bug

I think this happened on newer update of Gdevelop

You can try it on your own just do this, and add a sound that is less than a second.
Then press the button many times, you will sometimes hear a loud strange effect, which really bugs me and shouldn’t happeb

Use play sound rather than play music.

It seems the library used for play music is a little buggy.

Try with Play a Sound instead of Play Music.

This bug has already been fixed and unrelated to the music action, please wait for next update.
Note though that in general you don’t want to use play music at all, you almost always want to use play sound, as play music forces using an old audio loader, while play sound tries to use newer audio loaders, and will use the old one if the new one is unavailable. The newer one works better and supports more features (like spatial sound).


I have tried both music & sound option same result, it did not happened in older version I have tested it, waiting for next update to fix, when is it coming?