Why can`t my character jump from one platform to the other?

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How do I…

Im builidng a platform game where my character goes up from one platform to the other. I was able to make him jump and reach the first platform, but when I press the Up key again to make him jump to the second higher platform, it only makes a small jump, like it had reached a collision box, and eventually falls to the floor. Here is a print of my events:

What’s wrong with these events? Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance!

Ok, first thing is: you dont need to keep changing the camera x and y manually. Add a new event with no condition and just paste that “center camera on mrman” in as an action. That will lock the camera to MrMan always. Second thing, just use the normal platformer behavior for platforming. Make sure “default controls” is checked and he will just be able to jump as normal. Additionally, if he has the platformer behavior, there is a condition “Is in air” which you can put in another event, and as the action just set animation to Jumping. Another animation hack is to have a event with no conditions (will run every frame) with “Play the animation” as an action so that you just need to use the “change the animation” action and it will immediately play the animation for you.

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Thank you so much for your answer! I followed your suggestions and it works great :slight_smile: