Why is my game lagging?

Hi, so I have been working on a game for months and I have been not working on it for a while as it is having some unusual bugs. It is always lagging even if it is doing nothing. I also noticed that the FPS is always at the minimum set rate. It looked for everything that might be causing this. I suspect that it might be because maybe I moved the project folder to from windows to linux and I had made a topic about it and what happen, Closing the preview closes GDevelop. Here is the project, “Sub_branch” is the latest and I think the most stable (The game itself is not that stable. But, compared to other branched, it is better), https://github.com/Midhil457/Looped/tree/Sub_branch . It would be very helpful if you could help me

Thanks <3


I tested it in preview and it seems to run smooth, no lagging.

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The project run at 144 fps on my desktop.
But according your game resolution if the hardware can’t follow the rythm the fps will be low.

I’m sure you have a problem with your OS.
Project files are basic and there is no differences for a project game on linux windows and mac, same for the resources.
All these files are very common for these OS.
For me your issue is how your OS display/compute the game, check the drivers, if you graphic card is ok.

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Thanks @Mirquiso and @Bouh, I will check my driver settings. I will also try to ask the Linux forum to see if it is with the OS. Anyways, really thanks :heart: