Why my physics lags

I use primitive physics in my game, but after 10-15 seconds fps really falling.
I don’t know why, 'cuz in physics demo “ragdoll” and “cannon ball” - everything is fine.

Sprite size - 536 bytes (1kb lol)

phone and pc show a same result


I think you add another joint each frame, so that quickly amounts to a lot of joints :slight_smile:
Add a Trigger once condition.


Wow, thanks, it’s really works!

Do you know what causes these glitches on balls during movement? :frowning:

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Great :slight_smile:
I thought the glitches were due to your recording, but I guess not. You see them in preview, right?
Looks like a bug :confused:
Are you using the latest beta?

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Yes, I see this glitches in preview. It appears during high speed of swing.
I use last version beta93. Change resolution and scale mod - not work :frowning:

I have same problem in example “Bouncing rope and ball”.
Clearly the problem is in my hardware.

Can you test this branch about Physic, this one upgrade the physic engine.

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@kdm you can post your feedback in this page itself or here after testing his branch about Physic ;

Did you get a chance to test it?