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Ask questions to get help using GDevelop and about game development in general.


If you want to post a question, we need some additional Informations to be able to help.

  • What you want to do ?
  • What is the issue ?
  • Give a screenshot of the events

If the preview is black, stuck on the loading screen or frozen :

Press on the crashed preview Ctrl+Shift+I
A debugging menu should appear. Don’t press a second time, it sometimes takes some time to appear but pressing the key combination again will close it.
Go to the console tab, and send a screenshot of the output and most importantly the errors showing up in it.

These actions will help us a lot and spare time if you directly do this, instead of waiting for us to ask you for it.

If you want to ask a question (for example about something not working in your game), we need some context that could help understand what could have caused the problem. So please try to send a screenshot (not a photo of your screen) containing the events, so we can see what you did and understand the issue.

Thank you for following those advices!


and one more important thing: grammar and spelling.
you might give us as many info as we need, but to no avail if we don’t understand!
I know, English is a hard language, it isn’t the native language of mine too. surely I’m making many grammatical mistakes too. but please try to be understandable.


Is there some way to mark questions as answered? It would help others searching solutions rather than questions…

Edit: Having asked that question I notice some of the questions are prefixed with
So that could be the answer to my question.

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All these title with [Solved] are manually added by me in general because i check every thread. (Yeah i’m a bit crazy to check all post every days, but when you love you didn’t count the time.)
And when i see a solution or someone said “thank you it’s working” i edit the title.
I’ve asked to @4ian an addon for it i’ve found one but for now it’s manually since 1 years :’)

Fun fact after 1 year i can now write [Solved] without see my keyboard :sweat_smile:


just joined this community, thank you for making it awesome!