Allow Rendering Particle Emitter Off Screen

I was making a Fireball and added a cool trail to it using a particle emitter, it took me forever to get a cartoony feel that i really like, eventually after a lot of work, i found one that i liked! …issue was i couldnt use it.

The fireball trail emitter, followed the fireball… so when i made the fireball move a lot faster, the trail would just disappear the moment the emitter was too far off screen to be rendered… so i had to make a new one :frowning:

I know this is done for performance sake, but could you implement a system like the animations for sprites? You can choose if an animation is played or not off screen, could this be done for emitters?

I found this when looking if this was possible:

So i take it im not the only one having issues with this.

At first, I also had problems trying to create a rain effect with particles that would intensify over time. The thing is, particles are just for screen effects, so it’s better to create particles with objects yourself. For example, if you use a particle emitter to create a falling leaf, when it leaves the screen, it will be deleted. So, it’s better to create it using objects and make them destroy themselves over time.

I get what your saying and id agree on it for certain things… but i think in this case it would take a bit more expensive logic than id like, GDevelop is hard enough to make run smooth as it is.

To get the same effect id have to use recoloring, tweens, timers and so on… if it was possible to just allow emitters to run offscreen like animations, that would just make things simpler and probably more performance efficient.