Folders for External Layouts

Note: if you’re looking for a Scene Folder feature, participate here: Scene folders (for organizing)

Id love some sort of “Organizer” for Scenes and External Layouts… well mostly and more importantly for External Layouts.

I started working on some procedural generation for my game, using External Layouts as building blocks for drungeon generations… im only on the first dungeon and i already have quite a few Layouts, which is starting to make the list blur together, i can only imagine further down the line…

Would it be possible to have some folders to organize the layouts? or at the very least some sort of colored marker to divide them into smaller groups? anything would be greatly appreciated if possible :slight_smile:

I did notice that by the end of my previous game, Scenes were starting to really pile up, but it wasent that bad since most of them were just numbered Levels 1 trough 20, with some BOSS Levels, menus and title screens.

…but layouts i find myself constantly opening and closing them to adjust them, not to mention the names arent very simple so i know what their for… like “StoneRoom3WayUDL” and so on…


Hello MagicBisquit,
Thank you for your feature request.
I’m letting you know that I removed the “Scene folder” part of it since a feature already exists (Scene folders (for organizing)).
As explained on ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!, we try to keep one feature per topic so we can classify them properly, follow conversations and give updates once the issues have been created. :slight_smile:

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