Free snow effect for Gdevelop

Hi there,

I created a small free snow effect for Gdevelop. It’s not perfect as it’s based on one huge animated image (you can apply on a separate layer or above other objects with zdepth). It is also in 1280x720. You can adjust to other resolutions by scaling the object in gdevelop.

GDG example file and image resources:!mkx3RCzS!nekXdAnXpY9f … 21WPVKoe0Q

License: Public domain for all image files you may use, redistribute, do anything (legal) you like with this. Attribution, while appreciated, is not necessary in any form what so ever.

.gdg File may be otherwise protected by editor license, I’m not sure about this.

Snow effect comes in a few forms:

[size=150]Straight sharp[/size]

[size=150]Straight blurred[/size]

[size=150]Wind sharp[/size]

[size=150]Wind blurred[/size]

This won’t look the same in gdevelop (over your scene instead of just black color), and you will have the ability to configure some things (speed, opacity, even color, etc) yourself to get the desired look.

[size=150]Below are some expansions to this pack (of course, also free and under the same license)[/size]

Accumulating snow effect:

This is looks great, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I think It is going to be perfect (the most optimal way) in HTML5 as at the moment we got no particle emitter in HTML5 and using objects and forces on the objects to make something like this would be heavy on resources.

Off Topic:
I have just noticed you seem to be using a nightly build because I’m using the latest stable release of GD but when I open the project it prompt a message saying it made with a greater version of GD… Just wondering if it do something with your corrupted project file from last time. I think you better using nightlies only if it got a feature or bug fix that you really need but even if it has better use it only for the time of exporting your project (to get rid of bugs in the final build). I don’t think it wise to use nightly builds all the time, it can crash and screw your project at any moment. Just thought I mention it because you are playing with fire if using nightlies on the long run.

You’re right, unfortunately I saved this with the nightly build, and shouldn’t have. However, it should be more or less straightforward to use the images. If necessary, I’ll resave with the latest build. Your tip is absolutely correct, I just like to test the new features/fixes, which allows me also to report any issues in advance, before the build becomes official release.

Expansion #1:
Link:!zspwRSAB!Q9qvUm-hgKz5 … oUDE8xKZb0

[size=150]Accumulating snow effect[/size]

Special instructions to use this expansion:
Snow accumulates until image “SnowAccu201”. That’s where the accumulation ends. So, if you want to have a repeating effect, you would need to control the frames yourself.

Until image SnowAccu201 the animation can progress normally first time (until the snow accumulates), and then you should repeat only frames from image SnowAccu201 to the last image SnowAccu394.

So, something like this in pseudo code:
If currentFrame < 200, set frame=frame+1
If currentFrame > 393, set frame=200

Alternatively, you can load only frames from SnowAccu201 to SnowAccu394 and loop the entire animation. This way, you will not have the initial part where the snow “starts accumulating”, but only frames where snow is already accumulated.

The only difference from the basic set is that expansions will be uploaded as just image files, without the .gdg, to use them, just create a large (size of game window) object, load all of the images as animation frames of this object, set it to loop and set desired speed, and then use a high z depth or separate layer to show this effect above other objects.