[Good first contribution] Expose Box2D velocity-,position iterations via editor settings

Hi, Box2D velocity- and position iterations are important settings that should be changeable via editor.
A good place would be the scene settings menu where also the world scale (ptm ratio) is located.

If you want the other forum users to vote for your feature request, you should give some details, explanation and use case. I, for one, don’t know what you’re requesting. :man_shrugging:

he is requesting to have the variables set by physics2runtimebehavior.ts adjustable inside the editor. makes some sense i guess, idk

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It’s about these parameters for world step:

Note to devs or interested contributor:
A good starting point is to follow how has been added gravity and time scale and mimic these for the new parameters.

These BehaviorSharedDataJsImplementation are added as setting in the scene edit dialog when an object with a physic2.0 behavior is added to the scene.
Dialog is where is nommed the scene and the backgronud color.

There is other things to do, but it’s a great starting point.

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