How to make perspective like fnaf(The problem has been solved)

Like this .I need to transplant my game,please!:slightly_frowning_face:

Hi, this is probably what you need to check:

Fake 3D Cylinder Shader (Like the one seen in FNAF)

Thank you for your answer, but it doesn’t help me

Hi, I just guessed what your question is about because it is not really clear what the problem is. Please explain what you want to do in more detail and there is probably someone in the forum who can help you.

If you search the forum you will find one or two more entries that deal with fnaf perspective.

I just want a screen effect and it can works

Okay, but which screen effect? The link I posted includes a solution for the displacement map which allows you to fake a 3D-like effect. That’s not what you want to do?

em,just like fnaf1,perspective

There is also this discussion here: How do I make a 3d room effect in g develop?

The summary of this and the discussion above is:

  1. According to @Silver-Streak you need a flat image of a room that shows a 3D perspective and the camera is just moving left and right. (Pretty much like the image you have posted).


  1. You use the displacement layer effect in Gdevelop (you go to layers and choose displacement from the drop-down menu as effect). You need a displacement map for that which @Robot-Man has kindly posted in the first linked discusssion.

ok ! thanks!I know it now,thank you very much

but,How can I find the displacement map

Just click the first discussion that I have linked above (my first response). If you scroll down there is an image (the displacement map) posted by @Robot-Man. You can just download it and add it to your layer.

em,it is didn’t work

I put the image in, but the visual effects weren’t like that

I guess you need to adjust the size of the map to your image and you probably have to tinker a bit with the X and Y scale.

oh,but how.I think it is not easy to adjust

You can take the displacement map image and just make it the same size as the image of your room (you could try to do this with piskel in gdevelop or in any other image manipulation software). Of course it could happen that the map is not working that well anymore and in worst case you have to do one by yourself according to the measurements of your room.

Just to see if it works I took a random image and applied the displacement effect (the displacement map has the same size as the image) and although I did not put much effort in it, you can see that it actually works (you just have to tweak it as you like).


Can you give me that?I just want to try

Hi?Can you give give me that

Hi, I’d love to do that, the problem is that I cannot upload any zip-folder here.

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