Infinite background scroll

Does anyone have any example or tutorial link?

Check this: [url]Parallax!!!] :slight_smile:

It works using this way :bulb:

What is the difference using the camera to compare the x position?
In my opinion gdevelop is a little complicated for those who don’t know programing

I think I’ve explained something like this a long time ago, wait…
Here: [url]Besoin d'une équipe pour votre projet de jeu?]
The project I’m talking about is some replies before, here: [url]New to Game Develop...Doubts]

But that is the hard way, move a tiled texture offset is super easy, first of all you need only one background, and you don’t need to move the background, just need to move its texture, also you can control easily the “speed” of the background to achieve a parallax effect (simply multiply the offset by a factor) :slight_smile:

Here is an example with the two methods (in two different scenes): (13.7 KB)
In both examples/scenes you can activate the first event (the one with the condition “At the beginning of the scene”) to check how the system works from farther :wink:
The only disadvantage I found with the texture offset method is that the tiled object needs the texture already resized to the final object size to works well :neutral_face:

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