Introduce project scene folder tree

This topic is about Project Folders. If you’re looking for Object Folders please head to the official topic [Feature in Backlog] Object Folders and like the 1st message with a heart to vote for it.

I and most people have many objects, scenes in a game, I know there are object groups but maby we could get something similarly to the folder system in gamemakerstudio 2.

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idk if its really what you mean, but there are object tags which is kinda like that

Are you talking about Folders for objects?

If that is the case, would you mind reacting with a heart on the 1st original message on this topic? [CURRENTLY TESTING] Object Folders


Half i am also talking about folders for senes

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I’ll change the title to clarify it (since Object Folders already exist) then :slight_smile:

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