Lower performance on different previews

Hello, I have a problem with the performance of my game. There are already several times that I change important things of the events to “optimize” them and I can see the changes in the profiler. As I do more previews, everything magically consumes more resources. I get to the point that everything works the same and worse than before “optimization”. Again I look for alternatives or sometimes reprogram in the same way as before. Sometimes this works… for a while. Then the performance deteriorates considerably. Taking everything exactly the same, consumption can be almost double (which doesn’t make sense). When closing and opening Gdevelop there are no differences. It seems that when I turn off my computer and on, performance goes back to how it was when it started, before getting progressively worse. I guess there is something each preview stores or keeps running and this builds up like a snowball effect. The values ​​that I mention are not very high (it goes from having 2.5-5 milliseconds to having 4-7 milliseconds on average), for a computer this is irrelevant but for a smartphone it is important.
Another thing I noticed is that if I sum up the resource consumption in the profiler (either by counting the big groups of event groups or individually), the sum is less than what appears as total milliseconds. This is more noticeable as the values ​​increase with successive previews and can vary from 0.5 milliseconds at startup to an additional 2 milliseconds after successive previews. I can notice that the difference in milliseconds is basically in the “Events” section. The consumption of the “render” section can vary up to double without there being differences in the number of objects and their graphic quality in the scene.
Why is this happening and is there a way to fix it? Am I the only one this happens to? It’s frustrating to change everything because there seem to be performance issues over and over again and you can’t figure out what the optimal event settings are.
Note that each and every event is inside an event group, which is visible in the profiler (scene-specific events and external events).
On the other hand, when playing the game on a smartphone (I still have the problem mentioned in “Liluo link and apk problem” and only 1 out of 25 times that I try to open the game it works for me) the fps drop from 59 (almost constant) to around 47 and just for a second. I can’t find a justification in the consumption of resources for such a momentary difference to occur. Does this happen to anyone else?
Thanks in advance.

When you open Dev Tools (ctrl+shift+i) and clear the cache and site data, do you have the same problem?

I’ll try it to see if it helps me. I still don’t know what that remnant would be that doesn’t show up in the profiler but increases the total milliseconds.