Maximized on start

Just tried latest version and it still opens maximized and doesn’t remember screen settings.

What is wrong with you devs? This type of behaviour in an app is totally unacceptable.

I used to be a forum moderator for Construct and would happily create examples to help others, and hoped to do the same with gdevelop, but it’s just annoying to constantly have to arrange the screen as I want it.

Maybe I’ll try again in a few years - but I doubt it.


Please no duplicate threads. You have your own thread from 4 months ago on this, plus another thread you responded to before that. I recognize you find this to be an important feature, but let’s stick to the rules of feature requests. Thanks!

Hello @zenox98 good to see you back.

As explained on the welcoming message to this forum Welcome to the User Feedback channel! (pointed out by Silver), it is recommended to find the topic in which you’re interested and vote for it and/or comment.
We work this way to centralise feedback related to a certain feature so we can: update those interested, and centralise the votes… so, the more the topics you create, the less likely your demand gets traction.

I understand that you are a Construct user too, so please take the time to read GDevelop’s interaction rules.
I’ve also noted your frustration across your posts -which are valid and has been acknowledged-.
However, there are better ways to communicate your point across on written form where some things can be misinterpreted as aggressive - you know this as a moderator-. I’ll asume good intent, so I won’t raise an official moderation warning for the written language on your topics this time. :cherry_blossom:

So, regarding the topic in question:
I noticed that you’ve created a new topic for a theme in which you commented in the past (either by direct or indirect concept relation).
Here are the already existing general entries:

So, to bring some order I will close the topics that you’ve created (because they have no votes), and I am going to leave “It would be nice to have window location/size remembering of the editor” open because it is the one that has more traction (including your vote).
Do feel free to add another comment or reminder directly there. :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day!

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