New Pixel Editor

Hi, I’m writing here hoping it’s the right section.

I think it has been talked about several times regarding the pixel editor present in Gdev, i.e. Piskel.

The program itself does its minimum, but it would be nice to have a better integrated program to be able to do pixel art.
Below, if you would like to evaluate, I will leave you the links to two free pixel art programs, perhaps you could evaluate one for future updates.

Thank you.


Agree for a new pixel editor, Piskel is a little bit old now.

Both are not possible, since none of them is written in JavaScript or typescript

i already asked before:


Agreed, piskel crashes a lot. So I usually just use other programs like gimp to make pixel art.

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Support, the zooming feature is weird, (It feels inverted or something) and it glitches a lot. Colors not changing until seconds after a click, etc etc…

does Pixelorama work on Mac computers?

While Pixelorama isn’t necessarily eligible to be bundled with GDevelop as some of it’s tech isn’t JS or easily packaged in the way needed, it works on most major OSes (Windows/Mac/Linux) via a full separate install.

Another option would be DPaintJS, which you can access here:

As mentioned above, Pixelorama is also compatible with Mac.

As for the code that is not in Js you could contact the developers as they are open to requests, perhaps if contacted by the team of a program like gdevelop they might be willing to collaborate and allow an adaptation for the occasion.

This will be good?

GraphicsGale is a great tool, but definitely not compatible to being bundled. It isn’t open source and it is built in C++, if I remember correctly.

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Maybe Pixel Orama can be useful, is new, open source and half of the code is in JS as far i see in their GitHub

As far as I’m aware, “Half the code” is basically the same as “none of the code” because it would still require the entire thing to be reworked from the ground up.

Honestly i don’t know a lot about these things, what are the official require for a Pixel Editor to be implemented? What should i search first?

For any external application to be bundled, generally it needs:

  • To be open source. Either MIT, CCO, or CC1
  • To be HTML5 compatible (as in it can be rendered as a web page or in electron)
  • To have a fully or near-full javascript or typescript codebase. (My understanding is that there is some wiggle room on this one, but not much if at all)
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Would this maybe work?: GitHub - RainboeStrykr/Pixellate: A pixel-art editor created with HTML canvas and Javascript

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