On-demand resource loading manually with JavaScript

Is there a way using JavaScript to manually perform on-demand resource loading to improve wait times in GDevelop, as needed based on the scene? mainly image resources.
If so, does anyone have any guidance on where I should focus to do this? It is not my intention that someone do things for me and in fact, each project has its own resources and scenarios, but I would be interested if someone has some experience with this. My intention is to learn a bit of JavaScript programming. Thanks.

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From a “game dev-controlled optimization” perspective, I’d like to have an ability to toggle whether to load all resources at the launch of the game or only when the scene they’re used in is loaded, or manually unload resources from memory when needed, etc.

But any options that allow more control over resource loading would be nice.

Yes, that’s what I find most convenient. So can you edit the GDevelop JSON manually with JavaScript to achieve this resource loading dynamically?

Unfortunately, not that I know of no. But I don’t get that deep into the JS side, just adding context on options if you turn this into a feature request.

(I misread where this was, forum wise. :laughing: )

Haha, I already made a feature request on this, but I know it’s not easy and I don’t know if it will be done or if someone is working on it.

I can’t post my mobile game project right now because people would have to wait a minute and a half to play it (maybe longer). So, I have to do it on my own, and that’s why I was asking if it’s possible with a programming language to work on my project and do it. In case I couldn’t, I won’t be able to consider the idea of ​​publishing it for cell phones, which is what I’ve been working on the project for.

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