Requesting Computers, Movies, Painting, Animation Extensions

I’m Requesting a Computer Programs, Movies and Animation, Painting extension within the game that also let’ you paint within in it like in Mario Paint as part of the game or as a whole game via keyboard, mouse, gamepads Joy sticks, finger touchscreen tablets.

Requesting this specific items

  • Color Pallets

  • Painting tools like MS paint

  • Canvas and or drawing on any surface within the game such as wood, notebooks, walls, doors, etc.

  • the ability to draw and animate within the game

  • Having a computer with programs in it. small programs that let’s you do many things like make short movies, animate draw and paint.

An ideal game top down rpg style like Stardew valley where you have a home and in the home you have a computer when you interact with it it shows you the main computer system desktop screen with a few of these programs with the ability to create other small programs! it would have calculator, clock, basic computer things with the drawing, painting, movie maker, animation, painting. but you can also draw outside of the computer like on walls or doors or floors or any surfaces or on anything.

it would be nice to have some features like this

so I guess that’s it for now! it don’t have to be all fancy but good enough.


As a general heads up, please ensure any future requests you submit follow the instructions the staff member Luni posted here: ⭐ Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

Try to keep one thread per request, and provide the details that Luni lists, so people can better assist with/provide guidance/reply to those specific requests.

Normally items that don’t meet these requirements will be closed out, but as this is the first time you’re receiving this guidance, I’ll leave this thread open.

Separately, the Feature Request section of the forum is normally for requesting base engine functionality. Extensions are mostly made by the community, and generally you don’t request the community to build an extension for you.

All of that said, to touch on some of the items in your list

Color Palettes aren’t a thing you need to make an extension for. That’s just storing RGB values in a variable.

Drawing lines, circles, ovals, and arcs are all possible with the Shape Painter object already in the engine. How you use them is up to you.

The “Sprite Snapshot” extension in the main extension list will let you render a layer, scene, or otherwise into a texture, and then use that within the game. By combining this with the shape painter object, then setting up events to paint onto a layer specific for the drawing, you can accomplish what you’re looking for, for the most part.

This request is kind of exceptionally vague, so you’re going to need to add more detail to ensure people understand what you’re looking for.

However, please keep in mind that extensions currently cannot include premade objects, so if someone was able to accomplish something that has some sort of logic involving animation or otherwise, you would still have to build out the event logic to use it, which would likely be near identical to the information above.

I’m new here and to gdevelop and not a programmer or coder most of the time I just know I need something and don’t know what or why yet? so that why I was requesting for some extensions to be made for the things I can’t do, which would be coding. and if the community can’t be ask for these extension who can I ask?

If you have questions on how to accomplish something for your game, or aren’t sure if it can be done in the engine, feel free to create a thread asking about how to accomplish it/if it is possible in the “How do I?” section of the forums.

Community extensions are made by anyone and everyone that wants to make an extension. Generally you will want to find out if what you want can already be done in the engine first.

If you have an idea for an extension, you can always mention it in the “extensions-and-examples” channel on the discord server, or make a request to the team of community members that review new extensions on their trello, at this link.