[Solved] No Thumbnail image is n gd.games

I have been having the same issue for 5 months and it seems too complicated for the good folks at GD to figure out… its the complicated issue of why my thumbnail is blank… maybe its just too hard to figure out but here I ask again…could you help me out with this issue?

Putting aside your “seems too complicated for the good folks at GD to figure out…” comment, the response in your last thread Thumbnail set not working - #14 by eboy was pretty clear what you needed to supply to get further assistance.


I can see from your image you still have them named 1 & 2.

jesus christ its the 50th time i have uploaded these files and the link…i have uploaded these files and the link continually since september… is this issue just not possible to fix??? what the hell… here are the files and the link AGAIN!!

And yet, you’ve still not followed the request / instructions from Bouh have you?

If you had just been polite, patience and followed instructions in the first thread maybe it would not have been closed leading you to create multiple others.

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This game link is not the game that is published on your gd.games profile.
The version of your game in the link your shared is an instant build link, that mean you never published the update of your game, that is why the thumbnail isn’t visible on the Game Dashboard, and not visible on gd.games.

You must :

  • Click, Share
  • Click gd.games
  • The generation is in progress
  • (You probably stopped the process here each time) The game is playable on gd.games with the given private link (the link you shared above), BUT this link is an instant build, see the URL.
    This mean your game isn’t yet updated to the public on gd.games. Click on the purple button bottom right.


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The process to publish a game is simple:
First time you hit share it create a build of the game on gd.games.
Then you can click to publish this first build, then boom you published the first build of your game:

You did these things.
But you can go futher, by updating the build on the game page with the process of my previous message. It seem you didn’t completed the process to update the build game regarding the files and timestamps of the game files on the server.

In few words Instant-build are builds, that can be published to public.