Text Entry Object

Hey everyone, I’ve recently noticed that the text entry object has been deleted from the engine. And my question is how do i accomplish the same feature the text entry object added, basically store user input.

Hi, you can store the input in a variable. Something like:

That wasn’t exactly what i meant, maybe i articulated my question wrongly. What i meant is how do i capture user input just like the old text entry object did, and i could use events do dissable or enable it if certain conditions were true

If you mean just registering input without displaying it, that seems not to work anymore. You can read about it in this discussion:

Dude i know it dosen’t exist, that was the point of this topic, to ask what replaced it? and how i can accomplish the same thing that the text entry did

Depending on what you actually want to do there is a chance that there is no replacement. One or two cases are mentioned in the topic that I linked in my previous response.

I just remembered that there is an extension that can be used instead

already read this post, and the link to the extension is invalid.