Using a sprite sheet - Feature request?

Why it’s not possible to use a spite sheet and say as example use “Picture2”?
Splitting is no option!

For splitting, this work to me:

But how can i use it after splitting it? Where is the option to set “use picture3”?

I’m on gdelevop 5.0.139.

I don’t know what you mean. :person_shrugging:

Omg! :thinking:

A spritesheet do you know? Sure. :wink:
It could have multiple “pictures”, like the following from link above!

Like you see this has 3 pictures.

I want use a spritesheet without to split, but with an option where i can say “use picture No 3”.

I’ve 1 player with 2 differnt styles (green and blue) for my idle graphics and want to say if the player reaches area X, the players idle graphic should change from green to blue.
So without to split this blue-players idle spritesheet i can’t use it right now!

My spritesheet for the green-player is splitted and looks like this one:

Hope it is now understandable. :smiling_face:

OK, I think I kinda understand…

  • Why don’t you want to split?
  • How do you expect GDevelop to understand ‘number 3’ unless there are several pictures?

Because of to many “Animation #'s”

Omg. :roll_eyes:
In my example (link from external graphic) you see that there are 1 spritesheet but 3 pictures.

That’s also only a example (blue-player)!
So why a “Animation #” can be “Animation #8 idleSnow picture3”?

For my green-player (see picture above):
idleUp, idleDown, idleRight, idleLeft are 4 Animation #'s (because of splitting)!
If there was only one animation # with the ability to choose which is up, down, left and right, it would be easier.

Sure, it’s called an animation frame.
There are conditions and actions to call specific frames.
But you’ll have to pause the animations, because you won’t be using them the way they’re meant to be used (which is, one animation per animation).

There are a few things going on in this thread, so to cover all of them:

  1. You were previously given direct guidance by mods that throwing snark, insults, or passive aggressiveness, is not allowed. Please drop the “OMG” and eyerolls in your responses going forward. No further warnings will be issued, further instances will lead to permanent action being taken on your forum access.

  2. Piskel doesn’t support multi-animation spritesheets, only splitting single animation spritesheets. There is no workaround for that as that tool doesn’t support it to begin with.

  3. GDevelop doesn’t natively support spritesheets, the way it builds animations requires multiple singular image files. What you’re asking for (some way to load a singular spritesheet file and have it be used for all animations on a sprite object) does not exist in the engine, and would require a rework of how the sprite object and animations work today.

As far as I know there are no active plans to change this. There is an existing spritesheet (and atlas) feature request that you are welcome to vote up on the trello and existing threads that ask for and point to this, so a new thread isn’t needed. Always ensure you’re following the feature request rules and not making a duplicate request going forward.

As an alternative, you can try the community made “Sprite sheet animations” extension in the main extension list. You will need to research and test with that extension as it requires some pretty complete understanding of your sprite sizes and a compatible spritesheet. As with all extensions no official support is provided, and since it works using the Tiled Sprite object, you will need to pin it to another sprite object if you want to customize your collision mask or points in anyway.

Hopefully the above adds some context, thanks!