What you hate about GDevelop

You probably used GDevelop a few times, and you mostly liked the engine. But there are always issues, no matter what engine you use. So, what do you dislike about GDevelop, and what are your suggestions to improve GDevelop?

There used to be a single topic for suggestions for improvements, but we closed it and now people should open separate topics in the #gdevelop-general:feature-requests category.
Feel free to browse it.

As an additional remark, I’d like to remember you that all your latest threads are about seeking negativity:
“I doubt GDevelop can handle a complex RPG” “The quality might vary between export target, the game might become bad quality???” “GDevelop chose the very unperformant JavaScript language, that is very bad, isn’t it? ‘Other people’ think GDevelop is bad because of that choice.” and “Everyone concentrate all the negative things you can think of about GDevelop”

In general we try to keep things positive or at least constructive in this community. This includes both threads around GDevelop and other engines. The thread as it exists right now would mostly just drive frustration or lead to things that are based off misconceptions or pre-existing notions. With that in mind, I’m going to close it out at this time.

As Greench mentioned, if you would like to see what people have suggested, please feel free to browse the the user feedback forums. If you still doubt about something, just use GDevelop and see by yourself :wink: