Camera resolution tips

If any one can give me some tips on camera resolution. Cuz it seems like there is all new different camera on each layer. and changing the resolution of the camera changes every single objects resolution in the scene. I just wanna change the windows size in which you are playing the game not the entire game resolution. Like If change the resolution every objects gets squeezed outs. And if there is any other advice about the camera thing, I am just started making games!!!..

up ! I posted a similar question one hour ago in the french section of the forum ! i’ll translate here (or from here to french part) when we’ll get explanations !

Basically the problem for me is just to understand how does work resolution and camera, changing the window size or toggle fullscreen always strech object, and i can’t see anything on toggling camera changes on a button !

To change the game window’s size, just do a right click on the project (left window) and select properties, there is an option to change the window’s size.
You can do it through events too, I don’t remember where the action is, maybe under the “Game” or “Game’s window” section :confused:
Here are three topics with something about window size and cameras:
Project window size
Cameras 1
Cameras 2

The camera take some place in the game (in function of it’s position and size) and then render the “screenshot” in the screen (in function of the window size and the camera’s render zone), then the objects can be stretched in many ways because different ratios between [ (camera size) vs (window size * camera render zone)]

I don’t know… :smiley:

Of course, if you change the window aspect ratio, but not the camera proportions, the scene will be stretched. About toggle fullscreen, I think there is an option to stretch, but maybe it’s because the window size and your monitor has different proportions [I think it’s impossible (in every possible way) to draw a 4:3 window in a 16:9 monitor in fullscreen without stretching the scene or changing the camera size] :confused:

I haven’t GD here now, but I think you can’t “toggle” cameras. Maybe you could save different “cameras” in structure variables, like:

Cameras ....0 ........SizeX ........SizeY ........RenderZoneX1 ........(...) ........Angle ........Zoom ....1 ........SizeX ........(...) (...).
Then you could create a new camera with these parameters or change the actual camera (i = camera index):
Button is pressed: Do Cameras[ToString(Button.Variable(i))].SizeX to the Size X of the camera
(Hope I’m writing the right syntax :unamused: )