Folder everything!

We need more Folder for a lot of stuff, like:

Folder for Animation objects, i have some object who have more than 100 animations! And it’s painful to go down or up everytime. It will he long to explain why i have 1 object with 100 animations, but this is the best way for me, so some folders for regroup specific animation would be really great.

External stuff, Scene, Extension Folder, at some point in our project we will have a lot of these stuff, extension above all, its painful to search every extension without a tag, like “Player”, “Expression” etc…

Variables, I can’t explain how, we can use Structure to make a “Folder” but isn’t a good idea at some point, so some folder or Colors for Variables would be really great, because at some point it’s hard to read every variables


Hello Kruger,
Thank you for the topic.
There is a concept that is being explored by the core team to “folder everything” but as you can imagine “everything” could be ambiguous and can take long to implement.

Since this work has to be done progressively by “foldering” one thing at a time, I will close this topic and use it as a guide to place the links of the “foldering” requests that already exist on the forum.
This way users can comment on each, and vote on each topic so the core team can see users would like to “folder” next.

Existent topics:

Working on the cloud:

Working in local:

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