GDevelop REALLY need this feature... (Objects in folders)

So things are getting like really complicated here…

So What GD really needs you may be asking?
Well it really really needs >>> The ability to make folders for Objects in the object panel, I mean the use of tags is alright but I think it’s just >> a bit slow…

Right now … the project I’m working on is just getting bigger and bigger with more objects added every single day so what I’d really love to have is the ability to add objects in folders.

For example:
You have a car >> that car have other related assets like (wheels - effects and so on)
Why not have the ability to create a folder named Car then add in it all the objects related to the car…

This alone will make things a lot more cleaner to work with in the objects panel…

In a project where there is going to be hundreds or objects and each have different objects related to it … it’s going to be really difficult (probably a nightmare) to just look at everything at once at the same time and then look for the right object that needs to be edited…

This feature is really missing from GD…
GDevelop really need the ability to add objects into folders in the object panel…

If anyone have ideas to sort objects in the object panel better than the use of tags please let me know…
Or if someone from the GDevelop team have this planned for the future, please let me know!


This feature has been requested numerous times, and will come sooner or later.


Hey @Gruk,

Glad to hear that it was requested before, Well I really hope it happens soon with future updates.
It will make things a lot more cleaner.

I confirm what Gruk said.
The GDevelop team knows this, and also wants this feature.
But as we have a roadmap meeting soon, I will add this request to the table.
I can’t make a statement about a date.


Thank you for confirming Bouh, waiting for this to be added in future updates for sure.


I think this feature is really important, not only for Objects but also for:

  • Scenes
  • External Events
  • External Layouts
  • Global Variables

I’ll really appreciate that improvement, thanks!


@Ondaluce I really agree with you, very true indeed!
It’s very needed.


Cambios que podrian estar bien:
Que los objetos que utilizan motor de fisica 2.0 puedan “colisionar” con objetos que NO lo usen.

Poder manipular escenar y re colocarlas, como ls capas!

Poder "seleccionar"varios eventos. (Con el mouse que mantengas pulsado y selecciones varios eventos que quieras mover)